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NEW DOGS/PUPPIES: We recommend a wellness exam and stool sample (fecal) test at their first visit.


SPAY/NEUTER: Surgery can be done at 6 months of age. Your dog is admitted for surgery in the morning and goes home in the afternoon.

MICROCHIPPING YOUR PET: A great way to help your dog if it gets lost. A microchip is implanted under the skin between the shoulders, and provides an identification number which is detected with a universal scanner. A database is contacted with the number to get your registered information.

HEARTWORM PREVENTION: Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes. To help ensure that your dog remains free of this dangerous parasite, we recommend that a monthly heartworm-intestinal parasite preventive be given year round and that monitoring be done yearly with a blood test.

FLEA/TICK PREVENTION: Monthly flea and tick prevention is recommended.

LYME DISEASE: Lyme disease is transmitted by ticks. If your dog will have any possible exposure to ticks it is recommended that they be vaccinated. Dogs that go camping, hiking, hunting or spend time in woods, fields or brushy areas, especially where there are deer, are at risk. Lyme disease can cause fever, lameness and other more devastating problems.

PHYSICAL EXAMS: are important to monitor weight and overall health status and to help detect potential problems early. We recommend at least yearly with twice yearly preferred, especially for seniors.

SENIOR DOGS: This is a good time to start doing lab work regularly. Tests that might be performed: thyroid function, complete blood count, chemistry screen and urinalysis. Dogs may need to have regular professional dental cleanings to keep teeth and gums healthy. Studies have shown that good dental care can significantly prolong the life of our pets.



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